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Are you searching for a website designer for your business in Bolton? Then you are in the right place! We create websites that sells!

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    Web Design Bolton for your business

    Website design Bolton ensures an increase in the company's income. We create modern, functional and earning websites and ecommerce stores for businesses from Bolton. For this purpose we use personalised HTML themes.

    Professional Web Design and SEO services

    Be a clear choice for your customers

    Artur Chrapowicz
    Founder of Progress Web Limited

    With every business, we create an individual approach

    As an effective Web Design and SEO agency, we love challenges. We listen to the needs of businesses, their situations, and goals to propose the most appropriate actions. We know that understanding this is crucial to achieving the best results.

    We don't provide standard services; instead, we implement tailored strategies, guaranteeing business growth for those who want to continuously thrive in the online market. We support our clients with acquiring customers, accomplishing conversions, and increasing sales as a results.

    Bespoke Web Design and SEO services for high results

    Offer tailored to your budget

    Depending on your needs and budget - we offer different variants of websites. You can choose affordable option which is one to few pages, or more detailed expanded project.

    For Local Business
    No matter the size of your business, every one of our websites is modern, quick, responsive and fully personalised for your company.

    For Companies
    For more demanding clients we offer our advanced projects. Very unique and eye catching designs, multiple subpages, all focused on acquiring potential clients by appearing on many search queries.

    Web Design Services

    Where aesthetics meet functionality for a standout digital experience.
    • Personalised Design
    • Competition Analysis
    • Fully Responsive Design
    • Speed Optimisation
    • Regular Maintenance
    • Hosting & Domain
    • Security & Integrations

    SEO Services

    Driving traffic and ensuring your business shines in the online spotlight
    • Keyword Research
    • Link Building
    • Competition Analysis
    • Content Writing
    • Technical SEO
    • Monthly Reports
    • Consistent Updates

    Case Studies

    Work with an international online presence agency that you can rely on.

    Website Design Bolton - Dedicated To Companies From Bolton

    Web design Bolton is for companies, that are searching for website designer exactly from this town or area. We have been present in the online industry for years, and we are constantly expanding the scope of our activities. In oour portfolio we have multiple projects of web design for businesses from Bolton like "Aesthetics By Elise" or "NKD Aesthetics".

    If you found us by searching for web design Bolton or digital agency Bolton - then definitely contact us! Preparation of our offers is completely free and non-binding. Remember that modern website, that will reach high position in search engines, is the best investment for your company. Truth is that, each day thousands of people are searching in Google for local services in Bolton.

    Web design Bolton and ecommerce

    Web design Bolton - is also an offer to create ecommerce store with WooCommerce, it will allow you to go from local clients from Bolton to nation-wide sales. Online store is a great choice not only for clients, that have local shops in Bolton, but also for those, who are just starting their adventure with trades.

    Modern ecommerce store, with great search engine optimisation allows to target larger amount of potential clients. For example if someone is searching for "beauty supply Bolton" and clicks on your website, it's very likely that they won't go to the store in-person, but rather order online. Regardless of the industry, we are living in the times, that over 40% of consumers are shopping online.

    By choosing our ecommerce and seo offer in Bolton - you can be certain that you will acquire high ranking position in Google for local queries such as. "aesthetic clinic Bolton", "car mechanic Bolton". If you have higher budget, we can start right away with aiming for nation-wide phrases, and not only get to the clients from Bolton, but also from Greater Manchester or even entire United Kingdom.

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    Ready to transform your online presence? Let us show you how we can create a tool that delivers increased organic traffic and transforms visits into sales.

    Web design Bolton - future of every business

    In the past, marketing campaigns were limited to very schematic and simple actions. They mainly consisted in distributing leaflets in public places, putting up posters or possible advertising on a local radio station. Currently, marketing campaigns are focused on online activities. The survival and the possibility of further development of virtually every company depend on the activities in this area. Web design with SEO are in line with the latest advertising trends that have already been trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs.

    A properly selected website strategy and accurate SEO, are nowadays the key to survival and ensuring the success of your company. We know that it is very difficult to begin with running a new company or to introduce changes to the way it operates so far, but we are here to help you get through this stage. You will notice that your business will become more and more visible in the coming months.

    Web Design Bolton - FAQ!

    1What are the benefits of web design in Bolton?
    If you are interested in our offer of Bolton web design - feel free to contact us. We will prepare for you non-binding offer. You can count on professional advice and high quality of the website. Creating online websites is our speciality! Webpages created with HTML themes are standing out with attractive and personalised design. HTML allows us to make any changes in the code, with multiple libraries, such as Bootstrap we have unlimited possibilites. Websites in Bolton thanks to additional service of local search engine optimisation, are not only perfect business card of your business but also the best form of advertising! If you own a local business in Bolton and are thinking of ways to increase clients, definetely start from web design.
    2How long does it take?
    Same as with price it depends on size of the project. Average time is 14-21 days but simple website should take around a week
    3How much does a website in Bolton cost?
    Costs of the website are highly depending on it's content, targeted audience, and it's functionality. Simple "online business card" starts from £600.
    4Do you provide a hosting and maintenance for the website you have made?
    We offer 12 months of free hosting and maintenance. Bolton websites created by us are designed on the highest level. You can count on professional results and successful way of acquiring new clients.
    Ready to start?
    Let's connect.

    Ready to transform your online presence? Let us show you how we can create a tool that delivers increased organic traffic and transforms visits into sales.

    Bolton - town with an amazing oportunity

    With more than 260,000 people, Bolton ist the biggest town in the UK. Being a part of Greater Manchester in North West of England, Bolton is an attractive place for investors and entrepreneurs who want to start their business. Website design with SEO for your company will increase its visibility, and thus also make even greater profits. Contact us today!

    What are the benefits?

    • websites designed for personal needs
    • high focus on UX and UI
    • contact-wise strategy on functional websites
    • ecommerce stores and seo generating sales
    • clean, easy to modify code
    • modern websites with contact-wise strategy
    • sales focused pages