Case study: Bachaturo

The background

Bachaturo is the biggest festival in the world of Latin dances, it connects amateur and professional dancers from all around the globe. Artur, the organiser, has recognised the difficulties with previous design and reached out to us for help. The festival of this size deserves a website that show users size, and importance of the event. We had access to a lot of material, that allowed us to create a professional, yet playful, bespoke design.

What was our target?

Our goal was to redefine the online presence of Bachaturo. As a web design company, our focus extended beyond aesthetics. We aimed to create a website that not only showcased the magnitude of the event but also seamlessly integrated with the in-house ticket system.

Ultimately, our goal was to deliver a bespoke digital experience that would relate to both amateur and professional dancers worldwide.

Our tasks included:

  • Redesign of old website, with completely new UI
  • Integrating the website with in-house ticket system
  • Creating an aesthetic and professional design
  • Optimising website for online devices
  • Translating the website into multiple languages

The campaign

Phone Call

We have arranged a phone call with Artur, organiser of the event. In our conversation we learned more about the festival, it's industry, and the participants. Artur explained the issues with his current website, and ideas for improvement.

Design Concept

The new design was created with requirements from the organiser. We have provided weekly updates and the progress. One of the key part of website was to include full length promotional video, that was optimised for the best performance, while not cutting on the quality.

Development and Integration

While implementing the custom design in WordPress, we were also working on integration with in-house ticket system. Together with back-end developers we created a solution that works seamlessly.


Artur understands the importance of the website, and he wanted get involved with the design as with ability to make some future content changes on his own. Our development process included easy access for applying the changes by the festival team.

The results

The new design of Bachaturo website is a user centered UI with a heavily focus on UX. Carefully selected media files, together with modern, minimalistic and professional design, create an amazing first impression and allows users to portray the size and importance of the event. Website is fully mobile optimised, with performance in mind, as well as some basic on-page SEO. Huge monthly traffic allows to rank on top of search engines, and same way invite Latin dance enthusiasts to the festival.

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