Case study: EViD Tool

The background

EViD is a research tool fully designed and developed by Lancaster University and Curtin University academics. Its aim is to help users evaluate projects of any kind and size. We have cooperated with it's creators: Elisavet, Pinar, and Philip, to create a website that will describe and advertise the tool.

Our mission

Our mission was designing a visually appealing, functional, and intuitive website. At the same time, while delivering the desired effect, the website is intended to leave a lasting impression with its graphics and visual concept of the UI illustrations and colours.

We connected the website to newsletter, allowing our administrators to stay in touch with their audience. Additionally we wanted to implement the website in the intuitive CMS Wordpress system so that the client can easily add new projects and manage a blog.

Our tasks included:

  • Creation on a new UI/UX design
  • Testing ensuring that website reflects the use and purpose of the tool
  • Implementing the design into intuitive WordPress system
  • Website speed and mobile devices optimisation
  • Connecting the newsletter

3 steps of the project

Results and achievements

Through the project we have brought significant improvements to the EViD Tool website, focusing on enhancing user experience, implementing on-page SEO, and introducing functional upgrades.

  • Improved User Experience: Through combined efforts, we have successfully redesigned the EViD Tool's interface, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience, garnering positive feedback.
  • SEO Optimisation: We have strategically optimised on-page and technical elements, contributing to improved search engine visibility and effective content indexing.
  • Functional Upgrades: We have implemented key functional enhancements, which included easy contact between the business and the users, as well as smooth editing options of newsletter and page content. We have also addressing user feedback and elevating the tool's overall performance.

Through Progress Web collaboration with EViD Tool, we have played a crucial role in refining the visual design, marking achievements in usability, SEO optimisation, and functionality. The updated website effectively showcases their services, idea of the tool, engages visitors, and drives more interest. We are very happy with the results of our productive collaboration with Elisavet, Pinar and Philip. Progress Web played important role in EViD's digital transformation and ongoing success in the industry.

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