Case study: Black Pack

The background

At Progress Web, we enjoy teaming up with brands that have clear aim in mind. When Black Pack, the car wrapping company in Manchester, approached us, we were confident we could help their business and have a positive impact on it's visibility. Their old website, was outdated and not optimised for mobile devices, as well as it had poor performance.

Our main goal was to design and develop a new, modern website, and then boost it's online presence and increase leads through various services. The car wrapping in the UK is highly competitive, and staying at the forefront requires staying up-to-date with the community as well as news from the automotive industry.

Challenges and solutions

To start our new project, we had to look at the current state of old website. It didn't showcase company's innovative approach or services effectively, slow loading times and technical issues led to a poor user experience. Additionally without ongoing assistance, Black Pack struggled to address these issues promptly.

Our help was to ensure that the new website, would appear on top of the competition. To do it our solutions included:

  • User-centered UI and UX design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Content optimisation and service highlight
  • Performance optimisation
  • Ongoing support

Logo that matches vinyl wrapping company

Our partnered team of graphic designers has created a unique logo design that perfectly reflects the business. The logo design is a variation that combines the company name written in a modern, bold, italic font. It has a black, and then yellow outline. The style has more urban look, which perfectly suits a car wrapping company.

We have also created dark version, as well as icon. The logo is aesthetic and clearly references both the company name and the activities it carries out.

Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

Results and impact

Our collaboration with Black Pack has produced impressive outcomes. Freshly designed website showcased Black Pack as a leading vinyl wrapping company in Manchester, with portfolio of impressing work, and famous clients. The design is stunning and intuitive, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Extensive optimisation techniques significantly reduced loading times, resulting in a seamless browsing experience for visitors. The implementation of effective SEO campaign led to higher organic search rankings, bringing a substantial increase in website traffic.

Black Pack is now dominating the first page of Google and their website is appearing for over 1,600 keywords on Google.
The views have increased from 504 to 19,500 in a year of our cooperation. That's around 39x times more from the beginning.

The monthly traffic has increased from 21 to 620

Our combined Web Design and SEO efforts have resulted in a fully optimised, service focused website with a steady, organic traffic, which continues to grow month on month!
Without revealing the clients exact revenue figures, the cooperation had a positive impact on Colin's car wrapping business in Manchester.

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