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    Search Engine Optimisation is an additional service, offered to every website and ecommerce store.  It is a fact, that one of your main goals in building online presence, should be getting the highest ranking position possible in Google.

    Progress Web provides Search Engine Optimisation services from start to finish, including SEO audit, optimisation, link building and content marketing. All of the SEO works are performed by our affiliated agency. With many years of experience and thousands of clients, you know that your business is in right hands.

    Our approach for each client is individual, and our goal is to get the highest Google position possible.

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    Fixed monthly subscription independently from the selected SEO package.

    Keyword Research

    Based on deep competition analysis and monthly search volume, we will choose the best keywords.

    Fixed Price Guarantee

    For the entire duration of the service, the subscription for SEO will be permanent.

    Professional SEO Services - What Is it all about?

    Professional SEO services is an search engine optimisation strategy, with aim to get top positions on the first page of Google. Example of nation-wide keyword: "website design", "doorlock", "yoga matts".

    Professional SEO services UK is an advanced process, which is to ensure a high position in the search engine for general keywords. SEO services in UK aims to promote the company as industry leader in entire United Kingdom. It's a long process however, achieving top position in Google is a guarantee of your business success.

    Website design with proper content, functional structure and development optimised for SEO, requires a lot of work. It is possible to wait for a bit untill we see the effects, however organic traffic acquired, will definetely make up for it.

    Professional SEO Services - strategy

    Professional SEO service always starts with a website analysis, next we choose keywords and create content for SEO. Fundamental part in search engine optimisation is content relevance. How relevant is content of the website, is a first step to get into SEO. If your page is not related to the query, search engines won't connect them together in search results. Page content is one of the most important things to make your website appear in Google. It is logical, since content makes topic of the website. Search engines carefully analyse every document they come across in order to improve their correctness. Most generally, search engines prepare deep analysis of words and phrases, that are appearing on the website, then create a data map, that is being used to evaluate, or display the webpage in results page, when user enters related phrase in search console.

    Second very important factor that has an effect on your website ranking, are amount and quality of outside links pointing to it. Acquiring high quality links is a very important part in the search engine optimisation. Technical aspects are also important to mention. Things such as responsive desgn or loading times and SSL certification.

    Your website exists for a reason - goal is the basic determinant of the SEO effectiveness

    Our Google Analytics experts will make a detailed interpretation of the report and provide practical tips that will increase the usability of your website. SEO is a comprehensive service in the field of full internet marketing.

    Local search engine optimisation is for companies, that wants to appear in Google results, after entering keywords related to specific location (e.g. web design Blackpool, seo Blackpool).

    In our activities, we do not limit ourselves to local SEO only. Profesional packages are dedicated to companies operating throughout United Kingdom. We mean general key phrases (e.g. yoga matts, women's clothing wholesaler).

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    As an effective Web Design and SEO agency, we love challenges. We listen to the needs of businesses, their situations, and goals to propose the most appropriate actions. We know that understanding this is crucial to achieving the best results.

    We don't provide standard services; instead, we implement tailored strategies, guaranteeing business growth for those who want to continuously thrive in the online market. We support our clients with acquiring customers, accomplishing conversions, and increasing sales as a results.