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SEO Blackpool

Local search engine optimisation for companies in Blackpool.
If you wrote "seo Blackpool" in search engine and found our page, that makes it the best proof, that we are truly experts in local search engine optimisation.


Full website SEO audit included in the price!


Optimisation for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Link building to increase Domain Authority.

Content Creation

Content creation, copywriting, keyword research and more.

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We guarantee high google rankings

Our SEO agency have been working with many clients from UK and Europe, we are experts in our field.
Local SEO Blackpool allows for potential clients from nearby area to find your website.

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Google Business Profile

As part of our SEO Blackpool service, we offer optimisation of Google Business Profile.

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Keywords "Blackpool"

Local search engine optimisation for keywords related to "Blackpool".

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Fixed Price Guarantee

For the entire duration of the service, the subscription for SEO will be permanent.

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SEO Blackpool - local businesses

SEO Blackpool is an offer that we address to customers who have chosen blackpool web design, as well as to all local companies that want to be visible on the online map of Blackpool.
If you run a local business, such as a hairdressing salon, a credit office or an Italian restaurant, your customers will be mostly local residents or tourists. A person living in Queenstown, looking for a good hairdresser, will enter "hairdresser Blackpool Queenstown" in the search engine.

Our search engine optimisation services can help you increase presence in specific location in Blackpool or simply in entire county, nation. If the scope of your business is for local customers, our service in a specific location is the most optimal solution. If you run a business and provide products or services in Blackpool, you should focus on local advertising.

We will help rank your website in Blackpool, so you will acheive success!
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Local Search engine optimisation in blackpool

Local search engine optimisation, such as SEO Blackpool, gives you a much better chance of getting a high position in the search results for a given city in a short time. If you run a local business, you shouldn't compete with companies that position themselves nationally. By choosing local positioning in a given city or province, you will significantly reduce the costs of the campaign and you will be able to enjoy the results of the actions taken much faster. Our local search engine optimisation in Blackpool offers you such service. If the scope of your services is limited only to the specific district, the Blackpool city or the county, local seo is the best choice.

If you are looking for a service such as: SEO Blackpool, search engine optimisation Blackpool, seo services Blackpool - be sure to contact us. We are digital agency focused on website design and seo services that sells!

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Do you own a business in Blackpool and want to get more customers?
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SEO Blackpool - FAQ

SEO Blackpool - what are the costs?

The cost of local SEO in the city of Blackpool depends mainly on the competition. The more popular the phrase and the greater the competition, the higher the positioning costs. The minimum monthly budget for SEO in Blackpool is £500.

What is better SEO Blackpool or Google Ads?

SEO is an organic way of getting traffic and gives much better results and ensures "naturally" high positions in the search engine, which definitely translates into the company's reputation. Organic SEO is also much cheaper in the long run. AdWords campaigns work best at the beginning of the website or store, when we are just starting the website positioning work.

Search engine optimization is a complex and multi-faceted process. SEO is influenced by about 200 factors that determine the presence of a given website on the first page of search results for specific phrases. This translates into more traffic on the website and its better sales potential. Local SEO is distinguished by the fact that modifications within the website and linking are carried out to ensure the best visibility in the context of search results for a given city. Google has introduced changes to the algorithm that allowed for even closer linking of a local business with the search results of the corresponding city. In the case of local SEO, it is also important to choose the right phrases emphasizing local actions - then it is the most effective strategy.

Google statistics clearly show that in the case of local inquiries, mobile traffic plays an important role, which is growing every year.

How much does search engine optimsied website costs?

For our Blackpool web design we offer additionaly search engine optimisation. SEO services are performed and billed monthly, same as with websites, each project is different. You can check our prices here. Worth to mention is that, local search engine optimisation for Blackpool is going to be way cheaper than aiming for entire nation.

SEO Blackpool - when should I think about it?

SEO Blackpool should be used by everyone who has local clients. The tourism sector in Blackpool is one that should primarily use local SEO to attract new customers. Making local promotion is really essential for activities such as hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

In fact, the city is growing thanks to tourists who, in most cases, find out about the entertainment possibilities of a given geographic area through the network, such as well know Pleasure Beach. Therefore, it is beneficial to use local SEO techniques to gain more visibility and thus increase conversions.

Among those who can benefit from these positive aspects are not only the tourism sector, but also those who have a retail store, grocery stores or freelancers who can enjoy various advantages and opportunities thanks to the geolocation of their website.

Still have a question? Contact us: sales@progressweb.co.uk

What is SEO Blackpool all about?

SEO in Blackpool consists in performing search engine optimisation activities, which will result in gaining a high position in the search engine for key phrases in the city of Blackpool. These are the same optimization activities as in the professional seo services.

Local SEO, such as "barber near me", is a great chance to physically acquire a client who is looking for services close to his place of residence.

Local search engine optimisation for Blackpool businesses

SEO Blackpool for local companies is a series of activities that have an impact on obtaining a high position in the Google search engine for local phrases such as, for example, "plumber Blackpool".

As part of the SEO Blackpool service, we perform the following activities.
✓ website SEO audit
✓ website optimization (content, graphics, code optimization)
✓ link building
✓ Google My Business
✓ content marketing

Good search engine optimisation in Blackpool is a key for local business. This allows you to gain more visibility and significantly increase the number of customers. We also work in Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield.

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