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Website characteristics and SEO

The size of the website affects the price of SEO. If it is an extensive website and has strong competition that invest heavily in linkbuilding activities, the cost of SEO will be determined individually. In such a situation, you need to estimate how many months it will take to chase pages from the same industry with specific types of budget and what actions should be performed.

At the outset, the pages can be divided into those without an online store and those with online sales. In both cases, the scope of activities and the time of their performance are different. Therefore, the price of search engine optimisation will also differ - often the SEO cost of an online store is higher. Sites without a store, including:

visiting cards;
advertise services;
they present local businesses (where it is impossible to use or buy a service / product) via the Internet, e.g. cafe, hairdresser;
are corporate image websites;
are the online version of the portfolio.

They have much fewer subpages, do not have product categories, and are distinguished by a less complicated structure. They can be static or dynamic and have blogs. Online stores, on the other hand, are more extensive. There are, of course, instances where SEO for your non-retail site will be expensive. These are the situations where the SEO cost in a given industry is high due to competition.

Significant website parameters that affect the price of search engine optimisation are also: domain age, CMS system, optimisation level, number of technical errors to be fixed, linking level (number of links, toxicity, quality), content (duplications, filling the website with content, use of phrases, headers).

affordable seo packages

What's the price of affordable SEO packages?

The cost of SEO activities at the level of several £50 - £250 per month is ineffective. There is not much that can be done with this budget. The activities on the website are then stretched over time, and the competition is still working. Our affordable SEO packages for less complex websites (which are not stores) starts from £500. If the competition in a given industry is very fierce and it is difficult to get rankings for given phrases, the budget should be correspondingly higher. It is definitely better to invest more money in SEO than to pay half of that and postpone success in Google search results. A success that can never be achieved with an inadequate budget, because the competition constantly invests in website SEO and there will still be a few steps ahead.

What the SEO price will ultimately be depends on the type of website, industry, competitors' activities, as well as what activities are part of SEO. Most often, different agencies have specific variants of search engine optimisation at different prices. Each of them has a different schedule of activities.

So, will a low price for SEO mean no results? If your website's SEO costs let's say £100, it will be difficult to get high rankings in this budget - even in less demanding industries. SEO work consists of a lot of activities, including, for example: technical optimisation, various types of website and competition analysis, copywriting, link profile building, checking and comparing results, keyword research. These are only some of the activities included in SEO. Let's be honest, how much time will specialists have for these activities, if you pay for the SEO, e.g. £100? There are also the costs of paid tools, service or customer support. Therefore, if you care about effective website marketing through SEO, do not make the price as low as possible, but be adequate to the actions taken.

So does affordable SEO packages actually exist?

The final amount of SEO costs is influenced by many factors. For this reason, it is difficult to create a universal and affordable SEO packages that will be relevant and will work perfectly in every situation. Free consultations are an alternative to this solution. Talk to a specialist who will suggest how much your site SEO on Google will cost. This is definitely a better solution than a schematic and imprecise price list for services.

It should be remembered that the low price of SEO is not always an attractive offer. The SEO agency has a specific budget for the duration of the service in order to create content, optimise the website and conduct link building activities. Therefore, cheap search engine optimisation is not effective in competitive industries. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to consult an expert who analyzes the business and suggests SEO solutions that will be as effective as possible.

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