Case study: Comida Canina

The background

Comida Canina is a company based in Majorca, Spain. We have been contacted to help them with designing and developing a store, that sells sustainable, luxury food for dogs and cats. One of uncommon technologies we were asked to apply was a "product quiz". Purpose of it was to get information from user about their pet, and then showcase recommended products. In this case study we will present our approach and solutions.

Challenges and solutions

The main challenge was the nature of very competitive industry of ecommerce stores for pet food in Spain. We had to come up with a design that would stand out from the competition, while providing great user experience, and showing that Comida Canina is the right choice.

We decided to use WordPress CMS with Woocommerce extension for our online shop. Different multilingual plugins, and easy product management system, were a key benefits of our choice.

Provided solutions:

  • New website design for competitive market
  • Ecommerce store development with hundreds of products
  • Coding unique "quiz" that suggest products for users
  • Optimisation for multiple languages
  • Performance and website speed optimisation and testing

Tailored ecommerce store design characteristics

Results and achievements

Collaboration between Comida Canina and Progress Web resulted in development of brand new, professional and unique website. The website itself is a main powerful tool, that creates a tunnel between company and it's clients. Our highlights included:

  • Brand visibility: Working closely with Comida Canina, we improved their brand identity. Unique color palette, and incorporation of visual elements, created a unique environment.
  • WordPress website design: We created a visually pleasing and user-friendly WordPress website that effectively showcased the expertise, products, and brand information. The website design not only mirrored the brand image but also delivered an immersive user experience.
  • Ongoing support: Our commitment extended beyond the initial project as we provided ongoing support. This included regular website maintenance, content updates, and technical assistance. This approach ensured that the website remained secure, and up-to-date.

The new online presence of Comida Canina now allows the company to have a new stream of clients, and effectively represent the brand's professionalism and experience, allowing them to solidify their position as one of the leading pet food providers in Spain.

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