Case study: Aesthetics By Elise

The background

We were contacted by Elise (from Aesthetics By Elise), about helping her with increasing online presence for her local business. With our passion to web design, we approached the challenge. Elise has a beauty clinic in Bolton, UK. She provides local services for nearby clients, so we already knew scope of the project.

This case study explores the project of new website design and SEO campaign for a local business, the challenges encountered, and our solutions.

Our approach

We have started with understanding our client's industry, and it's customers. It's a very important step, as it will help us shape the website to the targeted audience. We have also talked with Elise about her goals and expectations, and prepared a effective plan of action:

  • Step 1: Creating a new design that mirrors the business and it's services
  • Step 2: Implementing the website in HTML - it offers best performance for a small business website
  • Step 3: Mobile optimisation is key, as most of targeted audience was using iPhones
  • Step 4: SEO campaign targeting local customers

SEO campaign for local buisness

After creating brand new website, Elise was ready to start a SEO campaign. We have implemented a comprehensive strategy that allowed Aesthetics By Elise increase visibility and organic search rankings.

We have performed keyword research to identify the most valuable keywords in beauty clinic industry in Bolton, and then created a few additional sub-pages to cover them as best as possible.

With each of our website design we perform a basic local SEO, but in case of full campaign we can go more into detail, as well as in technical SEO.

Last part included of optimising SEO for specific area. We have optimised Google My Business, local directories and geographically relevant keywords.

Results of our collaboration

Aesthetics By Elise has now a brand new website, that is fully optimised for it's industry and clients. Improved User Experience makes it very easy to find information, browse through pages, and contact Elise about her services. Website performance has received the highest score of 99 based on PageSpeed Insights, which results in very fast loading times providing seamless experience. Finally results of SEO campaign has created a strong position in local results in Bolton.

Just in first 5 months we have increased number of monthly views from 79 to 2840, and number of keywords that website ranks for, from 14 to 122.

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